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“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.” – Napolean Hill

Yoga On The Greenway

Yoga On The Greenway

Start your Monday mornings out with a mindfulness practice. Yoga On The Greenway is a Slow Flow practice with Sydney for ALL TYPES of skill levels, body shapes, genders, etc... Everyone welcome. It's donation based so bring a donation if you can, but no worries if you can't, we are just happy to have you! 8:30am-9:30am.

Collaborative Mondays

Collaborative Mondays


We chose Mondays for a reason. This way you can gather motivation, inspiration, actionable goals to carry out through the rest of the week. Then the following Monday, you do it all over again to carry you through the next week. We want these Collaborative Mondays to be an integral part of your week. Just one day a week for you to start each week off on the right foot.

We believe STRONGLY in Collaboration and Community over Competition. So much so that we have signed the Global Coworking Manifesto.

Anahata Collaborative is open for Collaborative Mondays on Mondays only from 10am-8pm, open house style. FREE FOR PATRON MEMBERS. Drop In Rate: $15/day.

Consult Rooms

Consult Rooms

Anahata Collaborative has two smaller meeting rooms available for hourly rental on Mondays between 10am-8pm. Hourly rate is $20, or $10 for Patron members. To reserve your time, please email us.

Grow Your Business at Anahata Collaborative

Grow Your Business at Anahata Collaborative

In what ways could you build your business using the entire Anahata Collaborative space?

A photo shoot or filming for your new ecourse or fashion magazine?

A gallery show for your new works of art?

A gathering to thank your supporters?

A workshop to teach your skills?

A pop-up market to showcase your maker friends in the community?

A fundraising event for your non-profit?

Maybe even a retreat weekend with four of your best business friends?

We want to help you GROW your business and move to the next step in your business and having access to the Anahata Collaborative space is AMAZING! Anahata Collaborative is available for rental Tues-Sun. PATRON MEMBERS RECEIVE SPECIAL DISCOUNTS.

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