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Venue Packages

Venue Packages are a way to save some serious money if you plan on having more than one event at Anahata Collaborative in the next year and a half. Venue packages allow you to get hourly rates at half price. Ideal for non-profits with a series of workshops/classes, for photographers and videographers, for performances, small businesses with regular workshops or meetings, or even families who gather together a couple times a year.

These packages are not applicable for one day events such as weddings.

You will have 18 months after purchase to use your hours. Payment plans available upon request.

Which venue packages best suits your needs?


12 Hours


1 hour each month for 12 months

2 hours every other month for a year

3 hours every 4 months for a year





2 hours every month for a year

4 hours every other month for a year

6 hours 4 times a year



48 hours


4 hours a month for a year

2 hours every other week for 12 months

4 - 6 full days over 12 months


As part of your Venue Package, you will receive 1 free hour of event consulting. Perfect for those bumps in the road where you just want to pick someone's brain. We have partnered up with award winning event and wedding planning company, MH Event Productions & Consulting to do just that! They can help you think outside the box on how to make your event different, help make your layout and production schedule better, help find vendors, you name it, they'll be there!

For the best rates, consider a Venue Package or becoming a Venue Member.

Hourly and Day Rates available.

We also love working with non-profits!


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