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Venue Membership


Venue Memberships

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Will it fit your business plans?

For those who are growing their own local businesses and would benefit from using the Anahata Collaborative Venue on a regular basis for their work:

  • filming

  • photo sessions

  • meeting with clients

  • hosting workshops or classes

  • non-profit meeting

  • masterminds/book clubs/support groups

  • and more…

A Venue Member has the ability to book the entire venue (not just a room or semi-privately) as needed throughout the month for work related things. One monthly fee and NO additional hourly rental fees! This can include ticketing workshops/classes, masterminds, etc….

When the venue is not booked, Venue Members can use the space to meet with clients, get some work done, meet with other members to brainstorm and collaborate, and more.

It is a great option for anyone who needs a larger and more open floor plan for parts of their business such as photo shoots, larger classes/workshops/meetings, filming, etc…

Space is VERY LIMITED (no more than 6 venue members at a time). Memberships are 12 months.

Venue Memberships are only $565/mth (less than renting our venue for 3 hours!). First month is pro-rated.

Did we mention how much we love to collaborate?

Is this exactly what you have been looking for?

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