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“Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and diligence”



Do you dread the question "What do you do"? because in the end you do about a million different things? Maybe you're a photographer who also does videography, is going to school for being a yoga teacher, with a background in retail, while currently working as a real estate agent. Sound familiar?

Today's entrepreneurs and small business owners have a variety of skills and talents and have to think out-of-the-box to create a business which not only suits them perfectly, but is also desirable. This often means we are super busy working on a million different things at the same time by ourselves. Unfortunately, this can also be a prime cause of burn-out, and in some cases, just giving up.

We are passionate about helping our Doing-It-All-Yourself entrepreneurs and small business owners by giving them the skills and support they need to continue doing it all themselves, but with more focus and clarity, while driving more business and maintaining a work/life balance.

You CAN DO IT! You are a rock star!

NEW FOR 2019!

We have put all our blood, sweat and tears into creating a membership which will not only give you a chance to meet some like-minded creatives on the regular, but is PACKED with opportunities to grow your business, discover work/life balance and BE YOU in all the best ways. We have focused on the 4 pillars of Anahata Collaborative: Business, Creativity, Wellbeing and Doing Good.

In order to make this happen we have partnered with some AMAZING people to bring their skills and expertise to you for NO EXTRA COST! Yup, you read that right.

Additionally, we will meet every Monday at noon to discuss our businesses, listen to guest speakers, collaborate with other members, and meet with our accountability partners.

You’re welcome to stay and work at Anahata Collaborative throughout the day and take advantage of our high speed fiber wifi, our photo kit, or our tea apothecary.

I bet your asking, “What EXACTLY is all this magic?”. Great question. This is what is included in your yearly membership (please note, there may be MORE opportunities added throughout the year, but they will not increase your membership costs)

  • One-on-one with our in-house professional photographer, Kianna Notermann, who will give you 4 fabulous profile pics for you to use for your business.

  • Assistance writing your professional biography

  • A review of the current state of your Social Media and how you can improve it to bring more customers with Social Media Expert, Kianna Notermann

  • A review of the current state of your Website and how you can improve it’s functionality (OR help going over wherever you are and working on next steps)

  • A Emotional Wellbeing consult with Certified wellness expert Lara Cornell (also happens to be the founder of Anahata Collaborative ;) )

  • A Wellness Lifestyle consult with Ayurvedic Expert, Laurie Reade Endris, including goal setting, lifestyle recommendations including ayurvedic diet/routine and yoga practices

  • Access to the 2019 online Anahata Academy (a year-long curriculum to grow your business)

  • Collaborative Mondays at Anahata including noon discussions, guest speakers, accountability partners, and more

  • Co-working at Anahata Collaborative on Mondays (come and go as you like)

  • Discounts on Venue Rates

  • Discounts to Anahata Collaborative sponsored panel discussions during the year (free admission to the mental health panels coming soon).

  • Marketing Assistance from Anahata Collaborative by the way of a featured blog post on our website and social media posts.

  • Two consults with a local business coach to help you get your business on track.

  • VIP access to our upcoming LONDON retreat in collaboration with Citrine Studios and Calmer UK! (currently being planned for Feb 2020).

We could add all this up and tell you a specific number of how much this is worth, but I’m pretty sure you can get an idea for yourself. The short answer is: A LOT.

But the real questions are:

What can this do for your business?

What can this do for your work/life balance?

What can this do for your mental health?

What can this do for your relationships?

Will doing this for a WHOLE year keep you from giving up on your dream and GOING FOR IT?

Will meeting every week help keep you on track?

Will being surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs benefit you and your business?

We can’t answer those questions for you. You will have to do that for yourself. What I can say, is that we have stacked the deck HIGHLY in your favor to make it a very successful year for you in all different areas of your life.



FREE Resource Library!


We are continually building an EPIC free resource library for all you DIY business owners. Sign-up to get the access code to unlock our library. And then remember to check back often as we continue to add more.



Anahata Academy is a year-long online curriculum for small business owners all over the US. It focuses on our 4 pillars at Anahata Collaborative: Business, Wellbeing, Creativity, & Doing Good.

EARLY BIRD registration for 2019 is open now!


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