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Anahata Academy Online

“Collaboration gives the freedom to come out form the narrow scopes of life to the field of endless possibilities.” ― Amit Ray


 What is Anahata Academy Online?

Anahata Academy is for small business owners and solopreneurs building their business one brick at a time.

2019 January - December

Our one of a kind curriculum has been developed to help you grow in FOUR areas of your life over one whole year. Yes, we could focus on only one area, but if you're anything like us you will work really hard in that one area for a month only to find you've let everything else slip (eg: Work, work, work, work...wait, why did I just gain 10 lbs, can't sleep at night and can't remember anything?)...RIGHT?!

We are breaking up the curriculum into actionable areas, and easy to digest pieces which over one year will bring about significant growth. Your business will be growing, your well-being will be on pointe, your creativity will be brimming, and you will have made a significant difference in your community by doing good, and you will have met some remarkable people. Sound amazing? It is!!!!

Start your week off inspired and ready to roll every week.


  • 1st Monday of the month: Business (such as Goal setting, Time Management, Branding, Marketing, Social Media, Communications, etc..)

  • 2nd Monday of the month: Well-being (Learning to manage your own well-being while being a busy heart-preneur)

  • 3rd Monday of the month: Creativity/Inspiration  (following the massively successful Artist's Way curriculum to remove blocks and let inspiration flow! into your life and your business)

We chose Mondays for a reason.

We’re guessing you wake up every single Monday feeling super motivated and ready to jump into your work for the week. Right? Didn’t think so. THAT is why we chose Mondays. Mondays are critical when you are a solo business owner. You need to jump right in every week because that’s what sets the tone for the whole rest of the week!

By jumping into the curriculum every Monday you can gather motivation, inspiration, actionable goals to carry out through the rest of the week. Then the following Monday, you do it all over again to carry you through the next week. We want these Mondays with Anahata Academy to be an integral part of your week. 

Feel like your Mondays are just too busy? That's ok!  As a student in our online classroom, all new lessons will be posted each Monday and you'll have access to them throughout the entire year so you can do the lessons when it works best for your schedule. 

Online Only :

  • New lessons will be posted in the online classroom every Monday for the first three Mondays of the month. Each month you will receive an email with the password for the classroom for the month. You will be able to access these classes at your convenience through the year.

  • Access to a private facebook group so you can chat with other members of the Academy and The Gild. What’s even more exciting is that we will have our Business Coach Lauren Armstrong hanging out there to support our community! Lauren Armstrong is an implementation strategist who works with business owners who are feeling overwhelmed by ALL. THE. THINGS. within their first three years in business. She helps them get unstuck and identify, organize and execute the most important tasks so that they have the freedom they started their business for in the first place.

  • You can join at any time during the year, but you will only have access to the content in the classroom for the month you joined and going forward through December. You will not have access to the content from the months you missed.

FAQ’s for Anahata Academy Online

Ready to jump in and make this your best year ever? Let’s do this!

The Academy ONLINE is offered as PAY WHAT YOU CAN. We understand that everyone is in a different place when they are building their own businesses. Choose between $10-$30/mth and get your private password for access to the classroom.