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Patron Members


Anahata Collaborative Patrons members are mostly small business entrepreneurs who have a similar mission of creativity, wellness and doing good:

Yoga teachers, artists, photographers, designers, fashion designers, composers, non-profit owners, nutritionists, therapists, life coaches, performers, bloggers, social media gurus, charitable organization owners, web design specialists, musicians, doulas, film makers, architects, makers/crafters, alternative health specialists, farmers, potters, weavers, social justice businesses, and more. 

Anahata Patrons invest in themselves and their business with a yearly membership for only $50/mth. WHAT?! Yes, you read that right. 


  • Free Collaborative Mondays all month (10am-8pm Open House Style) for 12 months
  • Patron Membership discount on rental of the Anahata Collaborative space for photo and video shoots, workshops, classes, etc during the year
  • Patron Membership discount on the hourly rental of the Consult Rooms on Mondays
  • Patron Membership discount to all Anahata supported events during your patronship
  • Patron Membership discount to all Anahata Academy courses and workshops
  • Patron Membership discounts to local businesses to support your business (coming soon)
  • Marketing assistance! Your business listed on our website (with applicable links to your own business)
  • A business mailing address at Anahata Collaborative (if requested)

I'm a work at home mom/dad. Can I bring my child to Collaborative Mondays? 

We know what it's like to try to run your business while caring for your children and we know finding a babysitter isn't always a possibility. In the end, you know your children best. Do you think they would do all right in a work environment? Please know we don't not have a child area or snacks for children and they cannot be left unsupervised. 

Once you make some friends at Anahata Collaborative, maybe there will be other moms/dads who need babysitters and you could organize child care together. 

Can I bring my dog to Anahata Collaborative?

Yes. We are a pet-friendly building! Again, you know your dog best. Do you think he/she would do well in a working environment? 

Can I have visitors on collaborative Mondays?

It's ok if you have guests for a few minutes. If they stay more than a half an hour we will require they purchase a day pass or become a Patron.

Can I bring my own lunch on Collaborative Mondays?

Definitely! We are a bag lunch community ;). Please note, we do not have a microwave or dishes for everyone so please plan ahead. Maybe make it a fun picnic lunch! If you don't want to pack your own lunch, we have TONS of restaurants within a block or two from the space: World Street Kitchen, French Meadow, Common Roots Cafe, Milkjam Creamery, Lynhall, Kyoto Sushi, etc...

Amazingly, we have a free parking lot! There's also street parking. If you take public transportation, we are one block from Lake and Lyndale. If you bike, we have a bike rack and you can bike right up from the Greenway!

Where will I park?

We believe strongly in the power of collaboration and creative flexibility. We re-arrange the space often both for ourselves and also for people who have rented the space for events or off-site meetings. This means there are no dedicated desks or work spaces. You are welcome to sit ANYWHERE in the space. 

Are there Dedicated desks?

How do I rent the space using my Patron discount? 

If you are looking to rent one of the Consult Rooms on Mondays, please email:

If you are looking to book the entire Anahata Collaborative Space, please complete the Inquiry Form

Anahata Collaborative holds space for a mix of creatives and wellness peeps striving to build their own businesses and do what they love. You may sit next to a composer, visual artist, doula, yoga teacher, nutritionist, non-profit owner, photographer, social media expert, event planner, chef, or an energy worker. We strive to be a diverse community of open minds. Everyone is welcome.

who comes to collaborative Mondays? 

The question is, what do you need to do on Monday to get your week started on the right foot? You can bring your laptop and get some work done, or write a grant. You can bring some paints and get some creative painting done. You can bring your knitting. You can meet with other Patrons and check in with each other and hold each other accountable from week to week. You can drink some coffee and read a book. It's up to you!

What can I do on a Collaborative Monday?

Simply put, each Patron is an individual.

Even if you are a small business of two people, you are still two entrepreneurs. We kindly request each person get their own membership. 

Can we just get one Patron Membership for our small business?

Patron Memberships are a 12 month membership for just $50 per month! No hidden fees, no extra costs, just a flat $50. Easy peasy! 

What is the investment for a Patron Membership?