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 anahata collaborative

We are so much more than just a physical space.

We support small businesses in the creative and wellness fields through:

  • on-going education opportunities (local, online and through international retreats)

  • business and wellbeing support with experts

  • encouraging community building

  • designing gorgeous! flexible spaces to work/teach/create/dream big

  • building events and providing spotlights to showcase skills

  • continuously seeking opportunities to help businesses thrive


Our passion is bringing people together, encouraging collaboration & dreaming big

We love celebrating life and all it’s moments with our community.

We love building up small businesses, helping them find balance while creating the business of their dreams, and supporting them as they grow.

We love holding space for creativity and imagination.

We believe that it’s better to hold each other up so we can all reach higher than we thought possible.

We believe that we can all do hard things, if we have the right community.

We believe that art is wellbeing, and wellbeing is an art and are passionate about exploring the intersection of art and wellness.

We strive to do good.

We believe through collaboration, magic can happen.