anahata collaborative

Anahata Collaborative

A Space To Inspire


Who are we?

Anahata Collaborative is a venue and collaborative workspace. It's a space which inspires, educates, celebrates, and brings people together of all backgrounds. It's a space centered around creativity and wellbeing. It's a space where we believe in community and collaboration over competition

Anahata Collaborative hosts various events throughout the year showcasing the amazing talent in the Twin Cities, inspiring our community. We also rent our space by the hour for photo shoots, filming, workshops, weddings, engagement parties, corporate off-site meetings, non-profit fundraisers, performances, podcasting, meetings, retreats and more. 

With backgrounds in international business and event planning, we also LOVE curating unique off-site meetings and team-building activities. Contact us with your ideas and let's collaborate!

What Does "Anahata" mean?

Anahata refers to the heart center (chakra) in Sanskrit. We use this word because we want the space to be heart centered, trauma-informed, dream filled, and where anyone can feel welcome.

Why is it a "Collaborative"?

Because this space would not exist and would not be nearly as wonderful as it is if it weren't for collaborations. Anahata Collaborative will continue to grow and be an amazing home away from home for our community and other entrepreneurs in the Twin Cities area. It will continue to bring cutting edge ideas and discussions to the forefront due to cross-industry collaborations. It will continue to explore the intersection between art and wellbeing through collaborations between these two communities. We are the future.

Have some ideas and would like to collaborate? Let us know!