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Amazing People doing Amazing things

Amazing people doing Amazing things

Plant Based Baking with Cori Robinson of The Cookie Creative

A Q&A with Cori Robinson, the woman behind The Cookie Creative

Anahata: Could you give us a little background on you and your business?

Cori: I started my little business as a traditional cookie company (i.e. using eggs and butter) but after going vegan last year, I knew I would soon need to transition my business as well. It took me about 6 months to perfect my recipes (vegan royal icing is a little tricky to get just right and I needed it to be absolutely perfect and replicatable). Once I got it down, I ended up with a recipe that actually works better than any other I've worked with. I officially made the switch in January of 2018 with a pop-up at The Herbivorous Butcher to celebrate and haven't looked back. 


Anahata: Where do you do your work?

Cori: I am a cottage food producer so that means I get to work from my live/work studio at The A-Mill Artists Lofts. I got pretty lucky in that my building allows me access to a commercial kitchen with a large scale mixer and oven if I ever want to use them. I am currently shopping around for a licensed commercial kitchen to use on an ongoing basis though so if you know of any good ones, let me know!


Anahata: What project are you working on right now? 

Cori: I'm working on an instructional web series on vegan royal icing made with aquafaba to be released later this year.

Anahata: Why is this project important to you and to the community at large? 

Cori: Currently, one of my biggest goals is to share plant-based baking alternatives with others. In the case of my royal icing, any time I have a student from the industry come to learn with me, the first thing they always say is that my royal icing just works and flows so much better than any other traditional recipe they've tried. I think if people have the opportunity to work with it and love it as much as I do, it has the potential to change the entire industry thus decreasing the dependence on animal products in favor of more sustainable, cruelty-free alternatives. 


Anahata: Who are you currently collaborating with? 

Cori: I'm collaborating with Amber Dunlap of Amber Dunlap Photography. We actually met while walking the runway for the Haus of Love Sustainable Fashion Show and fundraiser for Herbivorous Acres Animal Sanctuary earlier this year. I was such a bundle of nerves before the show and Amber happened to be walking right in front of me. She helped me cultivate some chill before I walked out and her kindness really stuck with me. When she responded to my ad for a cookie-bookie a couple of months later, I knew instantly that I wanted to hire her. 

Anahata: What has collaborating brought to your business? 

Cori: There is such a kind and creative community in the Twin Cities. Collaborations have really helped me get out there for people to see what I do. I'm absolutely positive I wouldn't be doing any of this if it wasn't for all the fantastic folks both in the Twin Cities and all over the world that I've been lucky enough to meet via Instagram since I've started my business. 

Anahata: What are your goals?

Cori:  I wanna change the world baby! Okay, that's a really big goal but I do want to share with the world the magic that is aquafaba. It's seriously a royal icing game-changer. Heck, it's a game changer for everything that would normally require egg-whites or meringue powder.


Anahata: Cori, how can WE help YOU?

Cori: Spread the word if you feel so inclined. Sharing via social media is so helpful to my little business and I appreciate it so much! I would love the opportunity to connect with more people and share what I have to offer to the community at large. 


Cori will be teaching a Vegan Royal Icing workshop at Anahata Collaborative on Saturday, September 8th! Here are some details: 

Work confidently with royal icing
Mixing the perfect vegan royal icing can be easy if you know what to look for. We'll share our recipe, tips and tricks, and show you how to achieve the perfect consistency icing for piping, flooding, brush work and creating beautiful mulitdimensional designs. 

2. Learn color-mixing techniques using plant-based dyes
Using all natural plant-based dyes can be a little intimidating at first but we'll make it easy, showing you how to achieve a wide range of gorgeous colors using only natural ingredients. 

3. Create a custom cookie set
We'll take you through our cookie design process step-by-step and help you to achieve the same outcome on your own set of 8 cookies. 

Katie Oberton of West Ash Designs will also be teaching about Mindful Weaving and Slow Fashion in the afternoon on Sept 8. Create your own mini wall hanging with all natural products!

Cori also created a FREE RESOURCE with A Vegan Home Baker's  Cookie Decorating Supply Kit. Click the image below to take you to our Free Resource Library to download Cori's ebook and more!