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Amazing People doing Amazing things

Amazing people doing Amazing things

So you want to be a Heart-preneur by Autumn Lee

So you want to start a business…

Let’s be clear...I am a woman who owns a business and though that makes me a “business woman,” it does not make me profoundly qualified to give you business advice. I am a successful heart-preneur, which is a person invested in living heart forward in every aspect of life-venture with passion, and in my world that does qualify me to word hugs to you about creating a feasible biz-heart-hussle. My words are simply verbal musing from the “Book of Autumn” and it is my hope to drench you in authentic positive intention so that you too can find work meaning, purpose, and sustainability in this Earthly journey.

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Step One

Get clear with your personal issues. Owning your own business is like holding up the world biggest magnifying glass over your less desirable quirks. It’s like the things you struggle with get pumped full of unforgiving steroids during your first year up the start-up mountain. Pre-business, I knew I was unorganized, had issues saying no, and that technology and I were not friends. In business I learned that those nuggets acted like boulders grounding my success. And personal triggers? Issues with money, feeling like a fraud, and time management punch back every dang chance they get.

My suggestion is to get clear regarding that which torments you so that when it bubbles up, you can recognize the poison and get in front of your growth opportunities with a tincture of supportive humans and metaphorical bandaids. Your weaknesses balance your strengths and are the beauty that makes you human; own the quirks and puzzle piece them together with other’s strengths to create a healthy business scene.

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Step Two

Find your meaning and your purpose. The entire meaning of life is to figure out what your gifts are. The entire purpose of life is to figure out how to best use those gifts to serve humanity {and in the case of business providing your gifts, at a reasonable price point, of course}.

To identify your gifts, and thusly the meaning of your life, you begun with reflecting on your life in the days before you incorporated “oughts and shoulds” into your thought fabric. Perhaps when you were in your teens you were naturally drawn to certain activities like being the detail oriented member of the study-group, or taking the role of leader in a school-club, perhaps organizing thoughts in visual form, or debating in class came naturally to you. Maybe you felt the most seen and heard in math class, or your strength shown best in listening and providing advice to others. These moments before we were told what we should and ought to do are precious defining-altruistics-truths to be considered when sorting out the meaning of your life.

Each of is experiencing an Earthly journey to better ourselves and humanity. On this blue marble we have been equipped with innate strengths. Uncovering those strengths provides us an essential compass directing us to our destiny. If you can’t recall your teenage natural wins or the activities you enjoyed, try listening to the current messages from others. The things people ask you for help with are a sure bet of things that you are good at. Do you get calls when people need help with numbers, parties, fixing things, travel, or…? Those communications and requests of support are bright beautiful beacons shining on your life’s meaning.

Once you have found the meaning of your life by identifying a few of your gifts you are now ready to figure out how serve others with those gifts in a way that emotionally and financially supports your life. That is your purpose; to put your gifts in to action. Making a sustainable business out of that recipe will make you a full fledged heart-preneur.

The meaning of life is find your gifts and the purpose of life is to put them into service. So now you know some of your gifts and now you are brain-swirling about what kinda business fits those strengths? Here is a sure way to figure it out….find out what stirs you into motion = Either what breaks your heart or what makes your heart sing? Listen to your heart and get clear about what compels you to action. It may be something with animals, or children, or marginalized humans, or politics or social injustice. Find what wakes you up and pulls at your heart-strings. It is there you will find your tribe of passionate humans and together, with a shared- samies mission and the gifts you are bringing to the table, you will find great success.

For example you have always been good at writing. It came naturally to you and although you have never felt passionately about writing itself, you do feel passionately about animal cruelty. Taking your writing gift, finding your compadres in the mission to create safety for animals, and and creating a business writing grants, or copy for websites, or other informative literature is a promising proposition.

Or maybe you have found great healing and expertise through art, or sports, or cooking, or plants and you feel passionately that you can share what you have learned with others. Your meaning is helping and your purpose is passing on your specific enthusiasm to others.

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Step Three

Stay money flush. While building your business, don’t quit your life. Integrate your business step by step with deliberate dedication and honest reflection. Keep your regular life and build your business as a heart-side-hustle until the tipping point.

Brand yourself professionally, write a mission statement, build a simple website, register your business, make fancy business cards, announce your intentions to everyone, declare your new business confidently, loudly and with great gusto. Introduce yourself to others as a business owner.

Know your worth and protect it. Heart-preneurs lead with our hearts, make our world better and are essential leaders. We must take great care in setting boundaries, following our instincts and subscribing to self-care. The most important way to do this is with hours and pricing. Because our business is based on our passion, we are often inclined to give it and ourselves away, but in the end that drains us physically and mentally.

Get in front of pricing. Offer a start up sliding scale! Figure out your price, broadcast to the world what you are starting a business and offer a percentage fade out for your first customers. For example, offer 80% for your first 5 customers, then 70% off to your next 5 and 60% for your next 5 and so on. Jump in and get practice with heavily discounted rates to build clientele and create momentum. Don’t know what to charge? What do you want to make per hour as a business start-up. Take into account what specific time you will need to prep specifically for your client, meet with them, work for them, deliver the service and follow up with them. Then bill accordingly. Be realistic. What would you pay for your service?

Don’t financially overextend. Perhaps rent equipment instead of buying it. Do things you can by yourself. I have learned basic accounting, website building, tax info all via YouTube videos. Save brick and mortar until the very last. Be ok with a cloffice (that’s when you office out of your walk in closet). We all dream of having our own business nest but save that jump for when it will feels safe and you can truly enjoy and celebrate your store-front instead of stressfully scrambling to stay afloat at the cost of your mental health and the buoyancy and reputation of your business.

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Step Four

Screw Plan B. You don’t need a Plan B, you just need to be patient, dedicated and stay the course. Putting effort into a Plan B scenario based on the potential of Plan A failing is a waste of time and sends your energy to manifest a successful business in the completely wrong direction. Your Plan A will work! It may morph, be refined, and find a new direction, but it will work! Building slowly, while keeping a hold of your current life, with full faith and continuous daily work towards your plan will result in sending everything in motion to a clear path for your transition to a sustainable business.

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Step Five

Build, Build, Build. Be relentless in your manifestation of your new business. Put the foundation in place and every single day envision the way your amazing business will look, feel, function and succeed. In thought and in action, build your future. Act as if your business is rocking and growing and it will. Surround yourself with people and situations that fuel and nurture your plan. Stay positive and weed out toxic people and situations that do not nurture your vision. Broadcast your mission to the world with altruistic intention and everything and everyone will miraculously gather to reinforce your beautiful undertaking.


You are a heart-prenuer. You have the courage to find your soul's purpose by igniting the flame of passion with in you and consequently inspiring the potential in others. Trust your instincts and your dedication to your mission will guide you all the way to the dawning of your new reality.

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