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Amazing People doing Amazing things

Amazing people doing Amazing things

Dreams come true - Le Petit Studio


Ever since I first took over our space in the Greenway Building, I’ve been dreaming of being able to add on the space next door to us at the end of the hall. I dreamt I could expand our garden area and be able to add on the cool area next to us with the fire pit. I dreamt that we could have ANOTHER garage door onto the Greenway. I dreamt that I could offer another SPACE to my community.

Well folks, the day has come!!!!

Starting in August, we will begin renting out Le Petit Studio next door! It’s approximately 550 ft sq, with garage door, outdoor space and a bathroom in the space itself. Same free parking, same ADA accessible and pet-friendly building.

Here are some “before” photos to give you an idea:


If you are interested in booking the space or adding it to your current booking, let us know now! We can take bookings as early as Aug 1. And if you’re an Anahata Collaborative Member, you get discounts on rental for this space as well!!!

Lara Cornell