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Amazing People doing Amazing things

Amazing people doing Amazing things

Just like magic

I’ve been working on these new memberships for months. I’d jot down all my ideas and thoughts, make charts, and then burn out. Then I’d do it all again. Nothing ever felt quite right and I couldn’t figure out why. It wasn’t until I started RELEASING what wasn’t working for me within my business, that it all came together! I guess that just proves that cleaning out the clutter helps productivity, right?

As THESE specific memberships started forming, I started seeing angel numbers EVERYWHERE! 1111, 555, 333, 444, over and over and over again to the point where my kids even started pointing it out because it was happening all the time. So when it came down to really formulating these memberships, it’s seemed so obvious that they should be built around angel numbers, and how I really want our members to feel.


The numbers I landed on were 22, 88, 188 and here are their meanings:

22: It can be a really scary thing to make your mark on the world. To take that first, brave step out of the box, away from the comfort zones of ordinary, everyday life and actually DO that thing that will make your heart sing!  It’s time to bring that desire, intention, idea, or dream out into the world. Trust yourself, your instincts and the visions in your heart.

88: Abundance is at your door, but deeper alignments to your life purpose must be made for them to manifest. Stay focused on your vision and your truth and the abundance you receive will be shared by everyone whose life you touch.

188: Take action in your life! Start the projects, show up, be a leader. Don’t give up! Positive change, and abundance )wealth, opportunities, career) is around the corner.

Lara Cornell