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Amazing People doing Amazing things

Amazing people doing Amazing things

BIG CHANGES.... or are things just moving the way they were supposed to?


2 YEARS ago I put my Art Business in a sort of hiatus and I was working on my business plan for Anahata Collaborative. And now here we are. It’s been a Roller coaster of high highs and low lows just like starting any business, but more than anything it’s been 2 years of discovery. I’ve been learning EVERYTHING as I go and now that I look back I’m actually a bit stunned at what I have learned and what I now know. There’s been so much research and trial-and-error involved in getting where I am today. Businesses are ever evolving and changing. Sometimes to suit the client, sometimes to suit the owner (because well-being is for EVERYONE).

That being said, I have been doing A LOT of digging deep over the past 5 months. There were so many things I wanted to offer/adjust/change/get rid of, but wasn’t sure WHY I wanted to do it or if I was just really burnt out. I had to ask myself if these changes were in alignment with what I originally wanted for Anahata Collaborative and myself as a business owner, and look at different ways in which I was moving in the right direction and ways in which I may have strayed. Even though it would have been great to implement some of these things months ago, I could just feel in my gut that it wasn’t quite ready and it wouldn’t have been “right”. Is it perfectly ready now with all the kinks worked out and every angle thought of? No. But the framework makes sense and I’m willing to see where it goes and move and adjust as time goes on (like always).

I’m telling you all this because I do believe in transparency and I talk with so many entrepreneurs who are struggling. I wanted to be honest that it’s not all rainbows and unicorns. It’s all about learning, and being able to adjust so that you can grow (or just sustain if you’re perfectly happy where you are). You don’t HAVE to be the smartest, best, biggest entrepreneur out there. You don’t HAVE to compete. You can do YOU. But in order to do YOU, you need to be willing and able to try things, learn new things, and continually go back to your purpose and see if you are aligned with your business. It’s not about working harder and harder, it’s about working smarter. I know you’ve heard that before, but it’s true. If something isn’t working, don’t work HARDER at it. Evaluate it and figure out why it isn’t working. And then ask yourself, was it something you even wanted to do in the first place? Whenever I found myself struggling, I discovered it was because I was doing things that people had told me I HAD to do to grow my business and I was not aligned with it. The energy of abundance and passion wasn’t going into it. It was more an energy of necessity. But I did it anyway, and I ended up being an emotional wreck over it.

REMEMBERING the big picture is key. What do I want from my life? How do I want to live it? What do I want for my family? Do this WITHOUT involving your business, like it doesn’t even exist. My short answer to this, to be completely transparent, is that I wanted to paint and create more beautiful things, I wanted a supportive/friendly/passionate female community behind me, I wanted to encourage more women/mothers to follow their dreams and show them that they don’t HAVE to put all their passions/dreams on hold to raise a family - you CAN have it all, and I wanted to travel with my family to show them the world I have been so fortunate to be able to explore on and off for the past 25 years. Then, slowly integrate your business back in to the picture, one piece at a time. You’ll notice that some of the pieces don’t fit, and some of them seem so perfect. So for me, I needed to figure out how Anahata fit into what I wanted out of life. There are some REALLY big clues in this for what is coming next for Anahata Collaborative. Plus, “Anahata” refers to the Heart chakra after all, so this business is all heart.

One of the most obvious points that came out of this was that I needed and thrived in a community of women. This will be the FIRST big change for Anahata Collaborative. This weekend, I will be launching NEW women-only memberships to the Anahata Collaborative venue. Aimed in particular (but not exclusively) to local moms who are trying to follow their passions and share their skills with others.

I want to be clear that ANYONE of any gender can rent the venue. We’d love to have you and all your creative event ideas! The memberships to the venue will be women only.

If you’re registered for our newsletter, you will be getting an email this weekend with the first opportunity to check out the new memberships (with BONUSES!) before they are launched to the public. If you’re not on our newsletter list, you can do that here.

THANK YOU for following me on this journey. I can’t wait to see what comes next!

PS - If you know me at all by now, you also know that this isn’t the only adventure I have up my sleeves. I have also been taking Floral Design courses which is a key piece to the update for Citrine Studios (Flowers, Art & Adventure). AND I am in the serious brainstorming, building a website steps of another venture. All of the pieces will fall together and compliment one another and I’m excited, overwhelmed, happy, nervous…. you know…all the feels….

In the meantime, if you need a break and feel like going on an adventure with me, I have two spots on my Paris Retreat in September still!

Lara Cornell