anahata collaborative


Amazing People doing Amazing things

Amazing people doing Amazing things

Beauty among the chaos

I know some of you have been following my journey the past few months as Anahata Collaborative has been dreamed up, thought through, cried over, panicked about, and presented to the world. And now I'm just a week away from opening the doors.

It has been an incredible journey of discovering who I am and what I'm really capable of. In the end Anahata Collaborative IS me. I'm building a space in which I'll want to spend countless hours every week, where I'll still feel creative and inspired, where I'll feel comfortable enough to welcome in more heart centered creatives, where I'll be able to open my heart to HELP others on this creative heartpreneur journey, and where people feel safe.  The ESSENCE is me. The LOOK is me. The FEEL is me. The FLOW is me. And let me tell you, that makes you step back and go...."Whoa". It's like suddenly looking at your guts. And it's weird, and awesome, and scary.

I have a lot of ideas for the members in this space to help them grow and be awesome. SO MANY IDEAS! But I want it to grow organically and I'm trying not to push my ideas on the space, and instead let them grow on their own. 

Thank you for being here, for seeing me, and allowing me to share my guts ♥