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Living a Heart Centered Life

Changes! Growth! Awesome-ness!


First thing's first, THANK YOU! We've meet SO MANY amazing, caring, giving, people these past few months since opening Anahata Collaborative and YOU have made all the difference and have been the driving force behind all we plan and do here. 

Secondly, we are making some very intentional changes. In case you are freaking out about change, our mission is still the same:

Anahata Collaborative is a flexible, unique collaborative work, event and educational space for artists, wellness professionals and all creative heart-preneurs. It's an inspiring space to work, create, collaborate, gather and share knowledge. Ultimately, a community space to work from heart-center, change the world together and be totally awesome.

Our values remain the same:

Anahata Collaborative fosters creativity, beauty, community, reaching for the stars, and building heart centered businesses. We believe when entrepreneurs are at their best and creating their business from their heart center, anything is possible.

We believe:

Creativity and Wellness go hand-in-hand

Collaboration and Community over Competition

Friendship and Empathy over Formality


And we continue to explore the intersection of art and wellness, and do good in our community.

The difference lies on HOW we are using the physical space. We are breaking it into two categories: Anahata Academy and Anahata Studio


Anahata Academy:

We’ve been asking, you've been talking, we’ve been listening, and now we are acting. What we heard: you want more community, more collaborations, more accountability, more growth, more opportunities, more balance, more successes, online AND in person, (and some of you want more food ;) ). So we’ve been working diligently on a well-rounded and substantial curriculum/experience which starts in January and runs the entire year. 

We will have two options which will both run 12 months: In-studio (limited spaces), and online (no matter where you are in the world).  Anahata Academy will be guided by a curriculum/experience for one entire year (each week will be different). Registration will be open only ONCE each year, in January. Then the group who begins together, ends the year together.

We will also start meeting on Mondays ONLY for in-studio peeps, open-house style so that you can work it into your schedule and still make it to our in-person classes and gatherings. For online peeps, this means we will send out materials once a week.

We chose Mondays for a reason. This way you can gather motivation, inspiration, actionable goals to carry out through the rest of the week. Then the following Monday, you do it all over again to carry you through the next week. Our goal is for these Mondays to be an integral part of your week. 

Anahata Academy will be launched in the New Year. We are in the midst of formulating our one-of-a kind curriculum to help you grow in FOUR areas over one whole year. Yes, we could focus on only one area, but if you're anything like us you will work really hard in that one area for a month only to find you've let everything else slip (eg: Work, work, work, work...wait, why did I just gain 10 lbs, can't sleep at night and can't remember anything?)...RIGHT?! We are breaking up the curriculum into actionable areas, and easy to digest pieces which over one year will bring about significant growth. Your business will be growing, your wellbeing will be on pointe, your creativity will be brimming, and you will have made a significant difference in your community by doing good, and you will have met some remarkable people. Sound amazing? It is!!!!

If this seems interesting to you, be sure to click this button and fill out the form at the end of the page to be the first to be notified when details are released.

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We have had an incredible reaction to our physical space here at Anahata Collaborative. If you've had the chance to come in and check it out, you know why.

We have already hosted an acoustic performance, collaborative artist workshop, corporate off-site meetings, yoga workshop, a collaborative Holiday photoshoot, filming sessions, Art Exhibitions, a Local Maker Market, Local Entrepreneur group meetings, and have MANY more people requesting to use the space.

That being said, we are opening up hourly rental of the Anahata Studio (the entire Anahata Collaborative space (minus the room on the top level which has become the offices) to Tuesdays - Sundays. 

We are working on marketing materials primarily for corporate off-site meetings (with fun creative offerings), as well as some fun, creative, off beat wedding ceremonies. In addition, we are planning a Speaker Series pertaining to art and wellness, an Anahata Acoustic series (thinking living room series, bring your own blanket or chair and chill), and other pop-up days throughout the year like a product photo day, more Local Maker Markets, and more.

We are happy to rent the space for all different kinds of events and can't WAIT to see what other ideas you come up with. My personal favorite is collaborative photoshoots/filming/workshops where a group of people team up, split the rental costs, and each walk away with more to add to their portfolios. 

If you have an idea and would like to consider hosting it at Anahata Collaborative, click this button.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement as we navigate this new-ness. We are SO happy you're here and we are looking forward to offering more and more amazing things in the future!