anahata collaborative

Artisan Community

Let’s start by saying, we are not a coworking space.

We are an award winning venue which likes to think out of the box and support our local community.

Our passion and focus is on women owned artisan businesses both in our local community and globally. For 2019 we will be launching a number of ways in which we will be supporting this community, but first and fore-most is our Artisan Community Mondays.

We are announcing 20 scholarships for memberships to Artisan Community Mondays for an entire year for 20 local women artisans! Here is what is currently included in the scholarship:


Work & Learn in Community

Community Mondays at Anahata Collaborative. These are collaborative working days from 10am-5pm for our members. This is your weekly accountability! Bring your work, ideas, thoughts, questions, frustrations, and your to-do list! Even better still, we will have “experts” on hand every Monday in the fields of business and wellbeing to support your growth!


work your way

Our members typically have a home office/studio or work out of a local coworking space. However, it doesn’t always allow for more creative group endeavors. Members receive exclusive discounts on renting our venues to do the things they can’t do in their current space such as: hosting workshops or classes, hosting retreats, facilitating photo shoots or filming their new ecourse in a super flexible space.

Members also have access to our meeting rooms for free on Mondays to meet with their clients in a space which WOWS them and really sets the tone of their business.


Monthly Meet-ups

Monthly Meet-Ups! Anahata Collaborative is home to the Minneapolis Chapter of the Rising Tide Society (Tuesdays Together), as well as the Minnesota Chapter of Yellow Co! Our Founder, Lara Cornell, is a co-leader for both of these chapters. We highly recommend attending these to support your business learning & to meet other creative small business owners in the Twin Cities and beyond.


Let the world know who you are

People want to know how support other local female owned businesses, but how are they going to find you if you don’t let them know you’re here?

Our members will be listed on our NEW Support Local page.

All memberships include a listing on MAIA Community (a directory of local women owned businesses).

We will also be including stories on our members in our Blog starting in winter of 2019. Let us help you shine!


We give back

We believe very strongly in giving back to our community. It’s one of our 4 pillars of business. Therefore, in the fall of 2019 we will be launching several Give Back Initiatives! Stay Tuned!



We know that our members are busy women doing a million things, and that finances might be limited while building your businesses. We are launching our PERKS program which includes free or discounted services/products from other local business which could really help you grow business or at least tame your life just a bit. These perks are exclusive to Anahata Collaborative Members.