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Mondays at Anahata Collaborative:


We chose Mondays for a reason. This way you can gather motivation, inspiration, actionable goals to carry out through the rest of the week. Then the following Monday, you do it all over again to carry you through the next week. We want these Collaborative Mondays to be an integral part of your week. 

JUST ADDED: Yoga on the Greenway! Slow Flow with Sydney for ALL TYPES of skill levels, body shapes, genders, etc... Everyone welcome. It's donation based so bring a donation if you can, but no worries if you can't, we are just happy to have you!

After many, many, many discussions with our fellow creative entrepreneurs and wellness entrepreneurs we discovered that many of you are already working from home, in coffee shops, in your studios or in other office spaces. You were feeling settled into your spaces, especially if you had a area full of all of your painting supplies, or all your reference books. You also loved the energies of coffee shops. So then what was missing? People! What was missing was other creative entrepreneurs who are also learning how to do it all on their own: how to sell their paintings, how to edit their photos, how to price their products, how to find markets to sell at, how to build a retreat, how to juggle your new business with family obligations, how to continue to be inspired, how to achieve work/life balance, etc... 

This is why we came up with the Collaborative Mondays. Just one day a week for you to start each week off on the right foot. 

We know you feel lonely working your butt off trying to build your business, and we also know you don't always feel like dressing up to attend Networking events. This is the perfect chance to be part of a community of like-minded entrepreneurs in your own way. And you know what? We won't even judge if you show up in your sweats or mismatched socks. Come as you are. All humans are welcome. 

Anahata Collaborative is open on Mondays only from 10am-8pm, open house style. 


1) Purchase a Day Pass, one Monday at a time

2) Become a Patron member and reap the benefits!

Who are Anahata Collaborative Patrons?

Anahata Collaborative Patrons support the art and wellness programming at Anahata Collaborative throughout the year. They are entrepreneurs who have a similar mission of creativity, wellness and doing good. Anahata Patrons invest in themselves and their business with a month to month membership for only $50/mth. WHAT?! Yes, you read that right. And better yet, there are discounts and benefits BEYOND the free Collaborative Mondays!

What do Patrons Receive?

  • Free Collaborative Mondays all month (10am-8pm Open House Style)
  • Patron Membership discount on hourly rental of the Anahata Studio for photo and video shoots, workshops, classes, etc during the year.* 
  • Patron Membership discount to all Anahata supported events during your patronship.
  • Patron Membership discounts to local businesses to support your business (coming soon)
  • Marketing assistance! Your business listed on our website (with applicable links to your own business).
  • A business mailing address at Anahata Collaborative.

*Excludes Corporate or Event packages

Current Anahata Collaborative Patrons: