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Academy FAQ's

Answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about Anahata Academy:

What is the format for the curriculum?

The curriculum is centered around Mondays and starting each week off on the right foot.

The Mondays are laid out as follows:

  • First Monday of the month is centered around BUSINESS
  • Second Monday of the month is centered around WELL-BEING
  • Third Monday of the month is centered around CREATIVITY
  • Fourth Monday of the month is centered around PHILANTHROPY (DO GOOD)
  • If there is a Fifth Monday of the month, there is no original content on these days. It's a day off for online students. Anahata Collaborative is open 10am-9pm for in-studio students for coworking.

We even did the math for you: at the end of the year there will have been 48 classes!... FORTY EIGHT!

What will we be covering on Business Mondays?

We will be covering so much over 12 months! 

Here are some of the topics we will be discussing:

  • Goal setting
  • Time management
  • Marketing models and budgets
  • How to find your audience and reach them
  • Understanding place and people strategies
  • Communication/Press/Publicity
  • Social media
  • Recordkeeping
  • Portfolios/Branding
  • Business plan essentials

What will we be covering on Well-Being Mondays?

Well-being Mondays will be a chance to focus on taking care of yourself to be able to support all aspects of your life and allow you to show up in the way you need to. We will discuss healthy boundaries, building a support system around you, connecting to nature, self-care, balancing Feminine and Masculine energies, financial wellness, PLAY!, space clearing, and more.

What will we be covering on Creative Mondays?

For our Creative Mondays, we will be following The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. Instead of finishing one chapter a week as recommended in the book, we will be drawing it out over a year. We know you have A LOT going on and the last thing we want to do is pressure you to do more. Your assignment will be one chapter a month, and on Creative Mondays we will be discussing the chapter we read over the past month and completing the workbook pages together. The purpose of this book is to help readers become UNSTUCK no matter if you're an artist or not. We all need creative inspiration in our businesses and this book will help us each find our way. 

What will we be doing for Do Good Mondays?

This is our chance to do something not only good for OTHERS, but it will also help your OWN wellbeing!  The format for this day will change from month to month for in-studio students. Sometimes we will have speakers, sometimes we will be going somewhere to do an activity.  Whatever the case, there will always be information posted in the online classroom as well with suggestions on how you could DO GOOD in your own community!

What is included in the ONLINE student option?

  • New lessons will be posted in the online classroom every Monday. You will be able to access these classes at your convenience through the year.
  • An online discussion forum will begin in February so you can chat with other members of the Academy, collaborate, bounce ideas off each other, and help each other grow.
  • We will also be having an end of the year celebration in Minneapolis which everyone is welcome to attend.

What is included in the In-Studio student option?

  • Each Monday, lessons will be taught in person by Lara Cornell, the founder of Anahata Collaborative or a guest speaker,  in-studio at Anahata Collaborative at 11am and repeated at 6pm, so you can attend whichever one fits your schedule best.  If you are unable to make each Monday, you will still have access to the classroom to keep up to date. 
  • Access to the online classroom throughout the year
  • Coworking at Anahata Collaborative Mondays from 10am-9pm
  • Tea time snacks from our Integrative Nutrition Intern
  • Free copy of The Artist's Way and The Artist's Way Workbook
  • Student discount at Anahata Collaborative sponsored classes/workshops throughout the year
  • The biggest benefit of all: Significant discount on studio rental for teaching your own workshops, classes, etc... for the year (starting in February). This is a HUGE BENEFIT to being part of the Academy! We want to encourage you to start planning your own classes, workshops, retreats, etc... to grow your business! (Discount does not apply to "event rates"). 

FUN BONUS: 25% off a 10 pack of hot yoga classes at our neighbor's yoga studio: MPLS Yoga (starting in February)

What if my Mondays are too busy?

No problem! We know not everyone's schedule is the same. Regardless of if you are participating online or in-studio, you will have access to the online classroom at all times and will be able to access all current and previous classes. 

How Much is it?

You have two choices:

  • Participate in the Academy from your computer only = ONLINE ONLY
  • Participate in the Academy in person at Anahata Collaborative (with access to online classroom as well) = In-Studio

From there, you have two more choices:

  • Pay monthly installments through the year
  • Pay in full

You can go straight to the Registration Page here.

Do I have to participate the entire year?

Yes, this is a year-long program from January - December. This is for entrepreneurs who are ALL IN. We will be covering different topics each and every Monday. Our goal is to help you grow in four different areas through the entire year. This isn't a crash course.  It's a marathon which we will be running together. If you don't want to commit to a year of growth, this program isn't for you. 

I participated in the Free January launch. Will I still be able to view the classroom after January?

No, the classroom password will change in February and will only be accessible to paid students for the rest of the year. 

If I'm an in-studio participant, do I have to attend lessons in-studio every Monday?

No. We know you are busy and that things come up. We encourage you to show up every Monday, but if you aren't able to make it, you will still be able to access the classroom online. 

Can I bring a friend?

You may bring a friend to our free January classes. As of February, both the online classroom and the in-studio Mondays will be for paid participants only. 

Are there any private spaces to make phone calls?

Yes, we do have a separate room in which you can make phone calls if you need. 

Where is Anahata Collaborative located?

Our address is  2836 Lyndale Ave South, Minneapolis. We are located on the lower level, to the left and PAST the yoga studio. 

Is there parking? 

Yes. We have a free parking lot. You are allowed to park in the parking lot BEHIND the Egg & I billboard toward Aldrich Ave. There is also free street parking. 

Do you have bike parking?

Yes!! We have a door right on the Midtown Greenway. You can bike right up! We also have a funky artist made bike rack for you to use. Just remember to bring your lock. 

What should I eat if I'm in-studio on Monday?

We are just a block from Lake Street on Lyndale, and there are so many food options! You're also welcome to bring your own lunch and/or dinner. 

I have a suggestion on a topic we could cover or I would like to present a topic/skill.

Great! Email us or speak with Lara in-studio. 

What if I have to cancel?

This is a year-long program so we expect the students to participate for the entire year. If you have concerns, please email us or speak to Lara in-studio. 

Are there refunds?

No. There are no refunds. 

What are the Terms and Conditions of Anahata Academy?

Well, there's a long-winded version. But the short version is this: please don't copy, duplicate, share material from Anahata Academy. This is for your eyes only, and it's copyright protected anyway. As for the classroom: be nice and respectful of each other as human beings. There is zero tolerance for bullying of any kind. Be bold, Be brave, Be honest, Be kind.