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"I feel there's nothing more artistic than loving people" - Van Gogh


Lara Cornell

Founder & Owner of Anahata Collaborative LLC

Lara has degrees in French Language and Literature, English Literature, Secondary Education and International Education. She also has decades of experience in international travel, retail and business management. But if you think that’s what defines her, you’re in for a surprise because Lara doesn’t like to sit still and do just one thing.

During a bit of a break(down)/(through) in late 2013 after having her third child, she started exploring other avenues into creativity and wellbeing. You can read more about this particular journey on her website:

During her journey as a new creative/wellness small business owner she was frustrated with working on her own, being torn in all different directions, and trying to fit her business into a box. She often juggled her full-time job as Director of a French travel company with teaching after school art classes at different elementary schools in Minneapolis, teaching yoga in the mornings and evenings, teaching other art classes, and taking on Ayurvedic bodywork clients and Flower Essence clients in ALL DIFFERENT LOCATIONS! Not to mention finding time for her kids and her husband.

The times she enjoyed most in her professional development was collaborating with other creatives and wellness professionals: Designing unique workshops and ecourses, planning international retreats, painting, and just having coffee for a brainstorming session. When she was in this sort of environment the possibilities seemed endless and the ideas flowed easily for everyone involved. Being an entrepreneur can be incredibly lonely if you don't collaborate and have a community to support you. 

The desire for ONE SPACE to be able to create endless opportunities for exploring her unique offerings, building a community of like-minded & multi-passionate small business owners, and focusing continuously on wellbeing for entrepreneurs through our Unique 4 pillars is the “why” behind Anahata Collaborative. This space is created specifically for local creatives and wellness professionals to learn from each other and grow their businesses. It's a magical space where art merges with wellness, and wellness merges with art. The BONUS of having this beautiful space was the ability for the community to also come together to celebrate life and all that comes with it (weddings, family gatherings, non-profit events, music, graduations, engagements, and more!).

Lara is obsessed with collaboration and community, and cannot wait to see what you have to bring to Anahata Collaborative. And if you think she’s done learning…. well, you should probably just grab a coffee with her because she’s currently launching an editorial floral design and event design company, AND studying the Perfumery arts as well (and maybe opening a coffee shop down the road, just because she’s pretty addicted to her coffee).


Lara: in a nutshell

Lara Cornell is an: Intuitive artist, Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Bodyworker, Reiki Practitioner, Certified Flower Essence Practitioner, Aromatherapist, International Retreat Creator/Facilitator, Teacher, Entrepreneur, Maker, Mama, Wife, Moon Follower, Floral Artist, Event designer, Travel Blogger, Philanthropist, and Collaborative Enthusiast. (SAY ALL THAT 3 TIMES FAST!) She is also the owner and artist behind Citrine Studios, LLC.